Animal control

The Animal Protection Act requires pet owners to provide adequate food, shelter and water for their pets at all times. Airdrie Municipal Enforcement (AME) investigates complaints of animal neglect or suffering. During these investigations, officers may require entry to your property. Pets will not be taken unless medical attention is required.



The City of Airdrie's Dog Control bylaw outlines the responsibilities of dog ownership. Please refer to the actual bylaw for more detailed information.

Dog owners must ensure their dogs:

  • have and wear a dog licence from when they are three months old
  • only 3 dogs per household
  • do not run at large
  • are on a leash at all times, unless the dogs are in a fenced private yard
  • are under control in designated off-leash dog parks

Dogs must not:

  • bite anyone
  • injure anyone
  • chase, threaten or attack a person or animals
  • bark, howl or disturb anyone
  • cause damage to property or other animals
  • scatter garbage
  • wander into any swimming, bathing or splash pool/park that is provided for public use

Dog owners are responsible for:

  • picking up all feces produced by their dogs both on and off their property
  • not owning more than three dogs per household

The Dog Control Bylaw will be changing in 2017. The new bylaw, called the Animal Control Bylaw, is currently in draft form. The City is seeking public input into this draft prior to it going forward to Council. Find out more on the proposed bylaw and how you can give your feedback.



As a cat owner, your cat depends upon you for its care and your neighbours count on you to be a responsible pet owner. Keep your cat and your neighbours happy with these helpful tips.

The City of Airdrie does not currently have a cat bylaw or legislation pertaining to the care and control of cats.  If you are experiencing difficulty with stray cats in your yard, try following these tips.

Municipal Enforcement can not currently assist with locating a missing cat. Please use PetLynx to report a missing cat or see if anyone is looking for a lost cat.  

The draft Animal Control Bylaw proposes including cats into the new bylaw. Residents are invited to provide their feedback on the draft bylaw.  



Avoid skunks on your property by:

  • Keeping food and garbage off your decks
  • Securing garbage in animal proof containers
  • Securely covering your composter
  • Avoid adding meat, fat or dairy products to your composter
  • Keeping pet food tightly contained (preferably indoors)

If a skunk has taken up residence in your yard, contact a Pest Control Service.



Contact Parks to report a rat sighting.


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