Commissioner for Oaths

Commissioners for Oaths receive their authority from Alberta Justice. They can administer oaths and commission affidavits, affirmations and statutory declarations in and for Alberta only. City of Airdrie Commissioners for Oaths are unable to commission any documentation that is required outside of Alberta regardless of what is stated in the documentation.

Do I need a Commissioner or a Notary Public?

  • If your document is being used within Alberta it must state that a Commissioner for Oaths is acceptable.
  • If your document is being used outside of Alberta, you may require a Notary Public (lawyers are Notary Publics).  As stated above, City of Airdrie Commissioners for Oaths cannot commission documentation leaving Alberta.
  • If the document needs to be certified as a true copy, you may require a Notary Public.  A Commissioner for Oaths in Alberta cannot certify true documents.


Commissioner for Oaths service is available at City Hall by appointment only. Appointments must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments will not be scheduled between the hours of 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Please confirm that a Commissioner for Oaths is acceptable prior to scheduling your appointment.

At your appointment:

  • Have your paperwork completed
  • Be prepared to sign the document in front of the Commissioner at the time the oath is given
  • Bring picture identification
  • Bring any exhibits for your paperwork, if required
  • If your paperwork requires a witness to your signature, your witness must come to City Hall to complete the affidavit of execution. If the affidavit of execution stipulates that the witness must personally know you, the witness must be someone who is acquainted with you

A Commissioner for Oaths is not the same as a witness


A Commissioner for Oaths can not

  • Complete passport documentation
  • Certify documents as true
  • Provide legal advice or directions on how to fill out paperwork
  • Act as a Notary Public or commission documents leaving Alberta, such as pension verification documents or documents for the Government of Canada
  • Commission forms that do not contain an oath

The City of Airdrie will not commission forms dealing with waiving rights under the Dower Act or insurance documents requiring the waiving of rights (i.e. proof of loss forms)

Please note that the City of Airdrie will not commission consent letters for minors travelling abroad, proof of loss forms or pension forms that require someone to verify the pensioner is living.



  • Personal documents for Airdrie residents: Free
  • Business documents for Airdrie residents: $10.50
  • Personal or business documents for non-residents: $10.50

If at any time the City's Commissioners for Oaths are unsure of the documentation provided or are uncomfortable with administering the oath, the City reserves the right to refuse this service.


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