Water Services Appointment

In June 2016, the City of Airdrie Water Works Bylaw will be put into effect that stipulates that ONLY a City of Airdrie employee who is a certified operator can operate water mainline valves. This has been done in order to ensure only the highest quality of water reaches our residents.

Water Services and Engineering Services have developed the following forms for contractors to fill out in order to request assistance when water mains are put into service, are repaired or have hot taps installed. We appreciate your cooperation and commitment in working with us as we implement these new processes.

The following forms are available for download:

1. Water Main In-Service Form: When requesting to fill mainlines with water, disinfecting, and putting into service.

2. Water Main Repair or Inspection Form: When requesting to have mainline valves operated for the purposes of repairs, maintenance, or inspections.

3. Hot Tap Form: When requesting valves to be throttled for the purposes of installing a hot tap.


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