Boards & committees

Interested in getting involved in an advisory role on decisions affecting the City? Apply to sit on one of the Council Boards identified to the right.  

If you are an Airdrie citizen, submit a resume or fill out a volunteer application form. City Council encourages applications from adult citizens and Grade 11 and 12 students.

Members are appointed annually by Council at the organizational meeting in October, with the exception of the Airdrie Municipal Library Board (members are appointed for a term of up to three years).

The following boards have citizen appointments:

Assessment Review Board
Community Services Advisory Board
Environmental Advisory Board
Municipal Planning Commission
Municipal Policing Advisory Board
Subdivision & Development Appeal Board
The City of Airdrie Library Board

Council Representation on each Board
C=Chair, VC=Vice-chair, a=alternate

  • Airdrie Housing Ltd. - Councillors Burley, Chapman
  • Airdrie Mainstreet Square - Mayor Brown, Councillors Belyk, Burley, Chapman, Hegg, Kolson
  • Calgary Regional Partnership - Mayor Brown, Councillor Hunter (a)
  • Community Services Advisory Board - Councillors Hegg (C), Burley (VC), Belyk
  • Council Budget Committee - all Council members
  • Emergency Advisory Committee - all Council members
  • Environmental Advisory Board - Councillors Chapman (C), Belyk (VC)
  • Municipal Planning Commission - Councillors Burley (C), Hunter (VC)
  • Municipal Policing Advisory Board - Councillors Hunter (C), Belyk (VC). Kolson
  • Intermunicipal - Mayor Brown, Councillors Chapman (a), Kolson
  • Rockyview Foundation - Councillors Burley, Chapman (a)
  • Subdivision & Development Appeal Board - Councillors Chapman (C), Kolson (VC), Mayor Brown (a), Aldermen Belyk (a), Hegg (a)
  • The City of Airdrie Library Board - Aldermen Hegg, Kolson

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