Airdrie real estate

The real estate market is thriving in Airdrie. With a growing population and large regional trading area, Airdrie is home to a dynamic and growing retail and professional services sector, ranging from large box stores to small independent boutiques.


Business & properties for sale

To search local business opportunities visit the Property Search Tool or contact a local realtor.


Airdrie lease rates

Commercial Lease Rate Ranges (per sq. ft.)

Tenant TypeFair ClassificationGood ClassificationExcellent Classification
Retail $12 to $17 $20 to $30 $25 to $36
Office $16 to $20 $17 to $20 $20 to $25
Restaurant/Fast Food $17 to $25 $21 to $38 $28 to $42

Industrial Lease Rate Ranges (per sq. ft.)

Tenant TypeFair ClassificationAverage ClassificationGood Classification
Condo Bays $9 to $11 $9 to $14 $10 to $13
Industrial Office $8 to $11 $8 to $14 $10 to $15
Warehouse $5 to $7 $7 to $10 $9 to $16

Source: City of Airdrie Assessment Department 2015

*The above noted lease ranges are pursuant to the municipal government act utilizing typical market conditions in the municipality.
**The above noted lease ranges do not include additional operational cost that may occur.

For more information on lease rates , please contact Airdrie Economic Development.


Real estate agencies

Airdrie-based commercial real estate firms

Or visit or the Canadian Commercial Real Estate Listing Agency.

Source: City of Airdrie Business directory


City-owned property

The City of Airdrie currently does not have any commercial or industrial property for sale.


Land development & building permits

Depending on the type of development you are undertaking, you will need to consider the City of Airdrie's permits and regulations for your property.

A good place to start is BizPaL, an online business permits and license information service. BizPaL will provide you with a customized list of the local, provincial and federal permits you need for your new development or expansion project.


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