Regional Fire Safety Education Coalition

The Airdrie Fire Department, Chestermere Fire Service, Cochrane Fire Services and Rocky View County Fire Rescue have formed the Regional Fire Safety Education Coalition. A corporate partner, ConocoPhillips, has committed to providing the financial support needed to develop and deliver these programs within each community.

The Coalition has committed to three initial programs. While these programs may be delivered in varying ways in each community, the program framework and key messaging has been collaboratively developed and shared.

Home safety program

This program was introduced on a trial basis in one location in Airdrie during the 2012 Fire Prevention Week and was very positively received. In this program, on-shift fire crews provide door-to-door visits with residents in a chosen area. With permission and accompanied by the homeowner, crew members complete a home safety checklist, discussing fire and safety items throughout the home and premises, checking and installing smoke alarms and/or batteries and CO detectors. If the homeowner is not interested in a home safety check, crews will discuss or leave safety information with the resident. This program will be initiated in higher risk areas such as communities with older homes, seniors in their own homes and other vulnerable sectors.

After the emergency program

This program puts the department back into the community within 72 hours of a significant emergency event. Crews and officers will visit residents in the affected area, answering questions, addressing concerns and providing information and/or assistance with smoke alarms and fire safety.

Community care packs

The packs are a resource for frontline crews that support existing community programs. These packs will contain a variety of fire education and safety information, smoke alarms and batteries, home checklists, other City information and trauma pets. These packs provide crews with resources to assist the public when they are out in the community on other duties without having to return to the station for supplies or information.

ConocoPhillips will provide installation kits, alarms, batteries, detectors, checklists as well as the community care packs.


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