Source list program

The City of Airdrie is developing a Supplier Source List to streamline the purchases of goods and services with a value of less than $5000 by utilizing City Procurement Cards or Purchase Order. The City’s preference is credit card.

The City must ensure that suppliers of low cost services comply with specific criteria when performing work on City property. These criteria, as listed below, assure the City that suppliers will comply with the City's purchase terms and conditions, insurance and business licensing requirements and payment can be made by credit card.    

Procurement Services receives applications from companies who believe their services may support City operations. Applicants complying with the requirements set out below will be added to the City of Airdrie Source List. The Source List will be used by City of Airdrie staff to source service providers for their requirements where the valued is expected to be less than $5,000. City staff will use their credit card to confirm and pay for any purchases.      

All purchases made from Source List vendors will be made per the City’s terms and conditions of the purchase order, available on the City website.   

The City reserves the right to refuse applications that do not comply with Source List criteria. All purchases made by the City are made on an as required basis only. The City does not guarantee any work for suppliers on the Source Lists. 

Applicants must complete the sections below, print, sign and submit the application to:

City of Airdrie
Procurement Services Department
15 East Lake Hill NE
Airdrie, AB  T4A 2K3

Source list refresh

The source lists are updated annually. The City of Airdrie will issue an email notice to firms on the Source List advising them of the upcoming refresh date. All firms on the Source List will be required to submit a new application and the required documentation to the City. The applicants complying with the requirements will then be added to the Source List for the upcoming year. 


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