Stormwater Planning

At their regular meeting of March 16, 2015, Council endorsed the proposed amendment to the Master Stormwater Drainage Plan (September 2013) to revise the last bullet under Technical Requirements listed on page v of the Executive Summary and pages 5-5 and 6-3 of the main document to read as follows:

The date of the first submission of a Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP), that contains its own stormwater management facility as defined by the current City of Airdrie’s Master Stormwater Drainage Plan Report, will dictate the release and the runoff control volume. Further, any NSP submission that is part of an established stormwater management facility shall be required to adhere to the Nose Creek Watershed Water Management Plan to the fullest extent possible”.

The new Master Stormwater Drainage Plan (2013) has been approved by City Council and is now available to view and download. This report centers on the lands annexed in 2012 with a focus on creating a logical pattern of growth. Some of the key objectives of the study are:

    • Accommodate the projected growth in a logical and orderly fashion
    • Prevent flooding
    • Protect water quality in the receiving streams/creeks
    • Work with the natural topography
    • Respect land ownership to the extent possible
    • Protect the riparian environment and unique characteristics of the Nose Creek watershed

Preparation of the Master Stormwater Drainage Plan was a collaborative effort between the City, our consultant and external stakeholders.



The City of Airdrie Public Works Department requires a permit for dewatering a commercial or residential lot. The Best Managed Practices (BMP’s) noted below are to be followed:

  • End of discharge hose must be located within 1m or less of the closest catch basin (to the site)
  • Discharge hose must not cross roadways
  • Catch basin being used for discharge must be protected with:
    • Silt log
    • Silt donut
  • Discharge hose must have a silt sock on the discharge end
    • Silt sock to be monitored and replaced as necessary once full of sediment
  • Hoses running across/over a pedestrian walkway (i.e. sidewalk, pathway) must be covered to allow safe use of the walkway
  • Suction hose pulling from the pond must be suspended from the bottom of the pond to ensure minimal silt is being removed

Please notify Public Works - Water Services at 403-948-8415, 48 hours in advance of pumping to complete the dewatering application and schedule a site visit. 


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