Holiday season safety

The Airdrie Fire Department wants our residents to stay safe during the holiday season. Please see the Quick Links on the right for seasonal safety tips to protect you and your family over the holidays.

Winter holiday fire statistics

Fire statistics collected by the Office of the Fire Commissioner during the five year period (2005 to 2009) show that during the winter holiday season (December 15th to 31st) fire-related deaths in Alberta homes doubled when compared with the rest of the year.

The chart below compares causes of home fires in Alberta during the winter holiday season with those during the rest of the year. The main fire causes are very similar in both periods but increases are seen in heating (+111%), electrical (+27%), candles (+100%), and flammable/combustible liquid/gas ignition (+100%) related fires. Other perennial causes of holiday fires include cooking, smoking and arson fires. Contrary to popular belief, Christmas tree fires are rare, and indicate the public is practicing fire safety with Christmas trees. Albertans are cautioned to exercise fire safety during the upcoming holiday season when hectic holiday schedules can diminish attention to fire hazards and increase the risk of fire.

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