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December 6, 2013 / For Immediate Release

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA – Building on a new website launched in February, the City of Airdrie web presence has gone mobile.

Before February 2013, 32 per cent of visitors used mobile or tablet devices to access Since the launch of the new website in February, the number of mobile and tablet visitors has increased to 45 per cent (31 per cent mobile, 14 per cent tablet.)

Responsive Design
Using responsive design technology, can now detect the size of the screen on the incoming device and automatically adjust the layout to fit. Content is rearranged and optimized to fit the screen size.

“It is not a separate site as all the content is the same and the mobile version offers the same functionality as the full site,” says Lynda Phelan, team leader, corporate communications.

The mobile version features larger buttons, menus and links to assist with touch events (using your finger instead of a mouse). This should reduce or eliminate the need to “pinch and zoom” to read content or navigate the site.

Users can click “view full site” at any time (it’s at the bottom of each page) if they want to view the site as it was before the upgrade.


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Lynda Phelan
Team Leader, Corporate Communications
City of Airdrie
403.948.8880 ext. 8722


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