Airdrie residents maintain a high quality of life

March 3, 2014/ For Immediate Release

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA – Quality of life in Airdrie is still strong, with 97 per cent of residents indicating favourable responses according to the 2014 Citizen Satisfaction survey. Ninety-nine per cent of residents feel safe during the daytime, and 95 per cent feel safe overall.

In general, residents overwhelmingly had positive impressions of City staff, with a significant increase in ‘very good’ satisfaction with customer service responses, and in receiving better service than expected.

Concerns about snow removal and winter snow and ice control were a consistent theme throughout the survey. Value for tax dollar showed a significant decrease, returning to 2012 levels from a spike in 2013. Residents were asked to indicate their priorities for increased city funding, and snow removal led the way at 35 per cent. Forty-two per cent of residents are willing to support a tax increase if needed to maintain services, and a further 27 per cent would support a further tax increase to improve services and amenities.

“The survey results are showing some declines reflecting pressures of growth,” said Dorian Kachur, Team Leader, Business Strategy. “Council and City employees serve the community, and the survey results tell us that some pressures are starting to be felt. The survey serves as a report card for how residents think the City is performing, and also guides Council and Administration in setting priorities for the upcoming year, allowing us to focus on the services and amenities that are important to our residents.”

Respondents identified the top concerns facing Airdrie today as: rapid growth management (20 per cent); health care and the related lack of hospitals, doctors, clinics (19 per cent), infrastructure, traffic, train tracks, construction (14 per cent); snow removal (14 per cent); and education, school closures and the lack of space in schools (6 per cent). The concern with growth management presented a significant increase from 15 per cent in 2012 to 20 per cent in 2014; the concerns about education dropped from 18 per cent to 6 per cent; and snow clearing is a new issue in the Top 5 this year.

The survey was conducted by Bannister Research from January 8 to 16, 2014. A total of 400 telephone interviews were conducted with Airdrie citizens 18 years of age or older.

View the full survey results.


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