Green carts roll out in Airdrie

March 10, 2014 / For Immediate Release

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA – The first green carts for the upcoming curbside organics recycling program rolled out in Airdrie today and Mayor Peter Brown and Council members were on hand to mark the milestone.

“I am very excited for this program to begin,” says Mayor Peter Brown. “In 2009, the City began plans to roll out this important initiative in 2014, it is awesome to see it come to fruition,” added Brown.

“Council identified reducing waste as one of their strategic priorities and the curbside organics recycling program is a critical step to achieving this priority by diverting up to 50 per cent of Airdrie’s waste from the landfill,” says Brown.

“We recognize some residents have reservations about the program, however, the benefits far outweigh any perceived challenges, and as they begin to use the program I am confident they will see the benefits as well,” added Brown.

“Organics make up about 50 percent of the average resident’s garbage,” says Kathleen Muretti, Manager, Waste & Recycling Services. “Taking organics out of the waste stream makes a substantial impact on the amount of material being diverted from the landfill.

“Recycling organics is better for the environment because it turns material that is currently being wasted into a new, usable and valuable product, it saves valuable landfill space and reduces the greenhouse gases organics generate in the landfill,” says Muretti.

In addition, disposal costs for organics are currently 50 per cent less than disposal costs for garbage.

Green carts will be delivered to all residents over a two week period. Curbside organics collection will begin in April. Residents can find more information on the program at


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