Wednesday, May 14 – AFD medical co-response details

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA – On Wednesday, May 14 at 19:55 hours (7:55 PM), the Airdrie Fire Department responded to a report of a five-year-old child who had fallen approximately 12 – 15 feet from a second story window.

AFD crews provided initial care and transferred ongoing patient care to Alberta Health Services on their arrival. The child was transported to Alberta Children’s Hospital. For further information on patient condition please contact Alberta Health Services.

Spring is the perfect time to open windows, air out the house and let the fresh breeze in. But every year, many children die and hundreds suffer injuries sustained from falls out of open windows and balconies. Screens are not safety devices; even a small toddler can push through a typical mesh screen and fall through a window.

The Airdrie Fire Department wants to remind all parents and caregivers of the following window safety tips:

  • Keep windows closed and locked when children are around, and keep furniture and anything that a child can climb on away from windows to reduce the chances of a child falling through a window. When opening a window for ventilation chose one that a child cannot reach.
  • A closed window is not a safe window. Children can easily learn to use window hand cranks. Remove them if they are in reach of small hands.Set and enforce rules that your child cannot play near windows especially the activity many kids love – jumping on the bed.
  • Use window guards and stops on windows above the first floor. Studies have shown they can reduce falls by 35%. Window stops prevent the window from opening more than 10 cm. Window guards are a barrier in front of the window. They are available at local hardware, home renovation or home safety stores. An internet search will also find online stores that can ship the products to you.

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