Polystyrene recycling pilot project

May 27, 2014 / For Immediate Release

Airdrie, Alberta – Residents of Airdrie and Rocky View County now have an avenue for recycling polystyrene (commonly known by its trade name, Styrofoam) materials during a three month pilot project with McArthur Fine Furniture.

“Before this pilot project, there was no option for recycling polystyrene products in Airdrie,” says Kathleen Muretti, Manager, Waste & Recycling Services. “We are excited to be able to help to divert yet another material from the landfill,” added Muretti.

Clean polystyrene products such as fast food containers, meat trays, egg cartons, and packing material with the number six on the bottom can be brought to the Eastside Recycle Depot. The materials will be transported to McArthur Fine Furniture where they will be recycled.

“It is best to avoid the purchase of polystyrene products in the first place,” says Muretti. “However, when the purchase is unavoidable, there is now a program in place to recycle it.”

For more information on the program, residents can visit Airdrie.ca or call Waste & Recycling Services at 403.948.0246.


Media Contact:
Kathleen Muretti
Manager, Waste & Recycling Services
403-948-8800 ext. 6412



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