City of Airdrie participating in open data initiative

November 19, 2014 / For Immediate Release

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA – On Wednesday November 19, 2014, the City of Airdrie, in collaboration with the Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP) and other CRP member municipalities, launched a regional open data website at

“Open data is a principle and practice where non-confidential government data is available to anyone to use, reuse and distribute at no charge,” explains Corey Halford, Data Services Team Leader. “This is significantly different from traditional government practices where data is available on a fee for service basis. Open data is one principle of open government, which holds that citizens have the right to access the documents and proceedings of government and allow for effective public oversight.”

The open data website is an avenue in which citizens, businesses and partners of CRP member municipalities will be able to access and download City of Airdrie data without restriction. The data is collected into what are called “data sets” – the data sets are those containing only publicly available information, and do not contain personal or confidential information.

Initially, the City of Airdrie will release the following types of GIS and mapping datasets: City Boundary, Neighborhood Boundary, Quadrants, Address Points, Road Center Lines, Building Footprints, Land Use, Water Bodies, Schools, Churches, Digital Elevation Models (DEM), TINs, Contour lines and aerial imagery.

“Open data makes the City of Airdrie more open, transparent and accountable in how it conducts business on behalf of its citizens,” says Halford. “The City has always fostered the values of openness, transparency and accountability in the delivery of all of its services, and open data is simply a new way of providing data and information to the public resulting in new opportunities and a positive impact for the community.”


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