Steady growth continues in Airdrie in 2014

January 20, 2015 / For Immediate Release

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA. The City of Airdrie saw 83 new commercial/industrial and 317 home-based businesses open in 2014. In addition, 474 new full and part time jobs were created in the city in 2014.

“2014 was another good year for Airdrie business,” says Kent Rupert, Economic Development Team Leader. “There was a lot of confidence in the Airdrie market, evident in the continued commercial and residential commitment to our city.”

Airdrie saw $384 million in total construction value in 2014, down $22 million from 2013. Residential construction slowed slightly while commercial/industrial stayed solid. Business license growth continued at 4 per cent year over year, with a total of 3,325 business licenses issued by the City in 2014.

“There was a slight dip in construction growth in 2014, which we feel was a result of a change in the building mix this year,” says Pertti Harkonen, Building Inspections Team Leader. “We saw fewer duplexes than we anticipated and almost double the amount of townhomes, with 38 duplexes in 2014 compared to 156 in 2013 and 300 townhomes in 2014 compared to 291 in 2013. We also had three major mixed use buildings completed in 2014, with none of this type of construction in 2013.”

The number of residential permits issued was 1,500, a decrease of 272 units over the previous year. Residential construction values decreased to $290 million in 2014 from $316 million in 2013. It’s important to note that this year is still higher than all previous years with the exception of 2013.

Commercial and industrial construction permit values stayed the same as the previous year at $76 million. The total number of permits issued was 279.

Major new developments – estimated construction value*

  • Creekside Village, 1 commercial and 2 mixed-use buildings (totaling 22 commercial & 72 residential units), $13.1 million
  • Copperstone Village, one mixed-use building, (49 residential & 4 commercial units), Downtown, $7.4 million
  • City of Airdrie reservoir, South Windsong, $7.3 million
  • Wingate Hotel (83 rooms), Gateway, $5.9 million
  • ATCO Pipelines building, Gateway, $5.6 million
  • City of Airdrie Firehall, Williamstown, $3.9 million
  • Strip mall (3 bays), Sierra Springs, $2.7 million
  • Traverse Land Group, 2 bay building, Gateway, $2.6 million
  • Strip mall (10 bays), Bayside Village, $2.5 million
  • Strip mall (7 bays), Kingsview Market, $1.6 million
  • CIBC branch, Sierra Springs, $1.2 millionMulti-bay business building, Gateway, $1 million
  • The Canadian Brewhouse, Sierra Springs, $1 million

* Projects are in differing stages or approval and/or construction.

Major local expansions - estimated construction value*

Costco announced a $12 million expansion to its Western Canada Distribution Centre in Highland Park.Propak Systems Ltd, building addition, East Lake, $3 millionRogers Data Centre, renovations, Highland Park, $2.1 millionFall Pro Training Centre, building, $1 million

*Includes projects announced and under construction

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