August 24 – Busy day for Fire Department – AFD response details

August 25, 2015/ For Immediate Release

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA – On Monday, August 24 the Airdrie Fire Department responded to numerous fire related calls throughout the community.

Incident #1

At 3:52 p.m. fire crews responded to a reported vehicle fire located at Veteran’s Boulevard at East Lake Boulevard NE.

On arrival crews found two large piles of cardboard burning in the eastbound lanes. The driver of a large transport truck had noticed a blaze burning in the box of the truck which he then dumped onto the roadway. Once the 911 system was activated, he attempted to extinguish the blaze by using a fire extinguisher carried on the vehicle.

Fire crews immediately cordoned off the area by closing down the adjacent roadway to the public. The fire was then doused with water and firefighting foam. With no immediate hydrants in the area, additional water was transported to the scene by the department’s large water Tender apparatus. Public Works staff were asked to attend the scene with a large loader to separate the layers of burning cardboard and expose the seat of the fire.

After approximately 30 minutes the fire was determined to be completely extinguished. Once the scorched debris was removed and the road surfaced cleaned, the road was again opened to traffic.

There were no injuries to report.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Three pieces of apparatus and ten firefighters were on scene.

Incident #2

At 7:07 p.m. the second fire incident was a reported as a possible structure fire at Cedarwood Seniors Residence located on 1st Avenue NW.

On arrival fire crews found fire alarm bells ringing and that some residents had already evacuated to the street with others sheltering in place within their apartments.

Crews entered the four story building and discovered moderate to heavy smoke conditions on the third floor level.

A resident had a pot of oil overheat while cooking which sent smoke into the air and sounding the local smoke alarm. When an attending caregiver entered the apartment to investigate further, smoke was allowed to escape into the common hallway which activated the building's main smoke alarm system.

Firefighters quickly made their way to the affected apartment and kitchen area where they determined that an actual working fire had not yet occurred and conditions were limited to heavy smoke. Firefighters implemented ventilation procedures to clear the area of smoke prior to monitoring air quality.

The majority of residents were able to stay safely in their rooms (shelter in place) during completion of fire operations. Approximately fifteen people who had made their way to the street were allowed to return after the all clear was given by Fire Command.

The AFD Fire Investigator has determined the cause of the fire as a pot of oil overheating on the stove. Damage to the structure and contents was minimal.

There were five pieces of AFD apparatus and thirteen firefighters on scene.

Please remember! Kitchen fires remain one of the leading causes of fires in the home and the Airdrie Fire Department reminds the public of the importance of being attentive and safe while cooking. Never leave the stove or oven unattended when in use.

Never hesitate to contact the 911 system from a safe phone when help is required. Any delay in getting assistance may serve to quickly escalate dangerous conditions.

This incident and many others have positive outcomes for residents due to functioning smoke alarms. Please test your homes smoke alarms monthly and change smoke alarm batteries annually. If you require assistance, information is available from the Airdrie Fire Department at

Incident #3

At 11:57 p.m. a third incident occurred in Nose Creek Park located at #1005 Main Street SW.

When crews arrived they found fire and smoke billowing from a large garbage barrel located under the roof of the park’s main shelter structure. Firefighters were able to quickly control and extinguish the blaze before any damage to nearby exposures could occur.

This suspicious fire remains under investigation.

There were no injuries to report.

One piece of apparatus and four firefighters were on scene.


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