Council provides direction for recycling

September 22, 2015/ For Immediate Release

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA – At their regular meeting on September 21, Airdrie City Council was presented with the findings from public consultation and research regarding the future of recycling for Airdrie. Three options were presented: status quo, expanding the recycling depot program or moving to curbside collection. Council directed staff to investigate options for implementing curbside collection. Council asked staff to include recycling collection options for multi-unit residential buildings.

“It’s evident there isn’t consensus from our residents for any one option proposed,” says Mayor Peter Brown. “However, given all of the facts presented, the majority of Council believes this is the best option for Airdrie to reduce our waste, stabilize costs and provide the best possible service.”

As well as community growth and constraints on existing facilities, there is an impending financial need to divert recyclables as the City of Calgary will be banning all paper and cardboard from landfills in 2018 and organics by 2019 (City of Airdrie waste goes to Calgary landfills). The fees for waste that contains any paper or cardboard will be double what is charged now.

“There are a lot of options within the curbside collection direction,” says Kathleen Muretti. “We can have bags, carts (similar to our green carts) or open top boxes,” adds Muretti.

Council expressed concerns about the impact to local recycling businesses and directed staff to include options for ensuring there is still a market for local recycling providers.

Early in 2016, staff expects to provide Council with the options for implementing a curbside collection program.


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