Airdrie Economic Development launches market research microsite to assist businesses

January 19, 2017 / For Immediate Release

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA. Airdrie Economic Development has been working closely with Calgary-based tech startup, Local Intel, to develop a new web tool for small business owners, and those considering to open a small business in Airdrie. The “microsite” tool aims to help and support local entrepreneurs and small businesses in Airdrie by providing relevant information about the local market, including business climate data, industry-specific information, real estate listings, and competition analysis.

The new microsite will provide online information and advice that is easy to access, clear, relevant, and up to date. It will assist users looking for a “one-stop shop” related to market research and the development of their business plan and model. They will be able to access a range of educational information and will be provided with the essential concepts required to ask the right questions, analyze the data correctly, and make better business decisions.

Economic Development Team Leader, Kent Rupert says “as economic developers, we hear time and time again that it is challenging for new businesses to find relevant and easy to use information in one place. It is often overwhelming for an entrepreneur to find the right resources that can help them build a useful business plan, which is why we explored and developed this microsite.”

Airdrie, along with the City of Calgary (Calgary Economic Development) have developed microsites, with more municipalities and economic development organizations signing on with Local Intel. The startup company, while in its infancy, is well-versed in the needs of economic development organizations, and small businesses, and the economic development team believes this tool will ease much of the pressure placed on entrepreneurs in their infancy.

“We look forward to getting reviews of this tool from businesses and entrepreneurs, and working with Local Intel to evolve the site into the future. We hope this tool becomes a staple resource for our clients,” explains Rupert.

Airdrie Economic Development is excited to add the tool to its arsenal of resources offered to entrepreneurs who contact them. To learn more and use the tool, visit


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