Sierra Springs left turn lane opens

Oct. 13, 2017/For Immediate Release

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA – Mayor and members of Council were on hand to celebrate the opening of the left hand turn from Sierra Springs Dr. onto Yankee Valley Blvd. on Friday, Oct. 13.

In April of this year, the Alberta Department of Transportation announced that approval had been granted for modifications to the Sierra Springs Drive and Yankee Valley Boulevard intersection in the city, including the left-hand turning lane out of the popular Sierra Springs shopping district.

“We would like to thank Minister Mason for the opportunity to move this project forward,” said Mayor Peter Brown. “This significant improvement to our traffic infrastructure is the direct result of Minister Masson taking the time to meet with us and truly understand the positive impact this decision will have within our community.”

The left hand turn was in operation on October 5, but it is not the only modification this project included. Other modifications include:

  • The left-turn lane from YVB onto Sierra Springs Drive was converted to a dual left-turn lane. Part of this is to address a relatively high collision rate that existed at this intersection previously (when left-turns could occur on a solid green light) and part of is that left-turn traffic would back up the through-lane (which terminated at Main Street) at peak times.
  • Traffic from the northbound QEII off-ramp previously went to the two inside lanes (for westbound YVB). Line marking has now been changed to direct traffic to the two outer lanes (to account for the change in the median) removing the need for cars to make lane changes to get out of the dual turn lane at Main Street.
  • An added benefit of the left turn lane is that it will take some volume away from north bound Main Street’s left turn onto Yankee Valley Blvd. which saw large volumes of traffic at peak times. This will continue to decrease when 40 Ave opens connecting Main Street at this more southern point.

There was a significant amount of traffic modelling that was done to verify the new intersection configuration and this was determined to be the safest and most optimal intersection configuration.

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