Nov. 24, 2017/ Carbon Monoxide Incident / AFD Response Details

November 27, 2017/ For Immediate Release

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA – On Friday, November 24, at 9:10 p.m., the Airdrie Fire Department responded to the report of a possible carbon monoxide (CO) incident located in the 2000 Block of Bayside Road SW.

When emergency crews arrived at the multi-family residence they found nine people from six homes had safely self-evacuated. Some residents had been made aware of the potentially dangerous situation by their CO detectors.

Fire crews quickly determined the source of carbon monoxide was a gas generator running in a closed attached garage of one unit in the multi-unit complex. The exhaust from the generator filled the garage and then the main living area and from there extended into adjacent homes.

Firefighters on breathing apparatus monitored the air quality in the home and found extremely elevated levels of 750 parts per million (PPM) of carbon monoxide.

The fire department worked closely with an ATCO Emergency Response Team to ventilate and clear all affected homes of residual CO. Once ventilation efforts had been completed, and further air quality readings deemed the area safe, all evacuees were allowed to return to their homes.

Four pieces of apparatus and twelve firefighters were on scene.

Public Safety Message
Carbon monoxide is a highly poisonous gas that is invisible and odourless. Carbon monoxide detectors save lives! A carbon monoxide detector should be located on every floor of the home where people sleep, within 3-5 meters of the sleeping quarters. Combustion engines should never be operated in a closed and confined space. Combustion engines require fresh air to run both effectively and safely.

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