May 27, 2018/ Structure Fire/ AFD Response Details

May 28, 2018/ For Immediate Release

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA – On Sunday, May 27 at 1:55 p.m. the Airdrie Fire Department responded to the report of a structure fire located in the 300 block of Edwards Way NW.

When fire crews arrived on scene they found that the fire alarm in a four story apartment complex had activated due to a fire in an apartment located on the main level. All residents had safely evacuated the building prior to fire department’s arrival.

The apartment’s sprinkler system had also activated which assisted to keep the blaze in check and limit damage to the area of origin.

Crews worked quickly to ensure the fire was completely extinguished and to ventilate the area of smoke and heated gases. Air quality was monitored throughout the entire complex, and once deemed safe, residents were allowed to return.

The family living in the damaged apartment will be temporarily displaced until required repairs are completed. They are currently receiving care and support from the Red Cross.

There were no injuries to report.

The Fire Prevention Bureau (FPB) determined the cause of the fire to be combustible material being ignited by a damaged floor lamp electrical cord.

Preliminary damage estimates are $80,000.00 to structure and contents.

Five pieces of apparatus and fourteen firefighters were on scene.

The Airdrie Fire Department reminds the public to:
• Keep unprotected cords out of the path of foot traffic and furniture to prevent fraying, overheating, and tripping.
• Never run cords under rugs as this prevents heat from releasing which could lead to fire.
• Don’t leave cords dangling anywhere where they can be pulled down and tripped over.
• Ensure there is no crimping or pressure on cords, and don’t force them into small spaces or behind furniture. Over time this could lead to a breakdown of the cord’s insulation.


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