City of Airdrie unveils economic strategy to celebrate Small Business Week

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA – The City of Airdrie celebrates National Small Business Week (Oct. 15 – 19) with the unveiling of a new 10-year economic strategy. The strategy, which is designed to cultivate a sustainable economic future, is the result of over two years of extensive engagement and consultation with businesses and residents who know Airdrie best.

Airdrie’s Economic Strategy has set a vision of Airdrie becoming “The Place to Be for businesses and talent in Western Canada.”

“Many thanks to our business leaders and community members who contributed greatly throughout the process. This plan provides the opportunity to attract and support the best and brightest talent, entrepreneurs, businesses and visitors to Airdrie.” says Mayor Peter Brown. “Providing such opportunities for people to achieve their dreams is something we strive for every day.”

The strategy, themed “Tapping into Airdrie’s Potential,” defines three key objectives to build on Airdrie’s strengths, address the city’s challenges and seize opportunities. Airdrie’s Economic Strategy is organized into three key areas: The Place to Be, Right for Business and A Connected Community.

Within each objective area, priorities and key actions have been outlined. This includes, but is not limited to, focusing on non-residential development, downtown revitalization, effective transportation networks and ensuring access to technology for residents and businesses.

“It’s no secret that Airdrie is a fantastic community,” says Kent Rupert, Team Leader of Airdrie Economic Development. “This strategy is about embracing what makes Airdrie great and building on our vast potential. We want to ensure we have a stable and sustainable economy while still maintaining our community’s good quality of life in the years ahead—that’s what this work is all about.”

The City of Airdrie will lead the strategy and recognizes it will require support from businesses, organizations and residents to be successful. While several projects that relate to the strategy’s goals are already underway, others will be added over the course of the next decade, and City staff will reach out to community stakeholders for partnership opportunities.

To learn more about Airdrie’s Economic Strategy please visit, to see the full report.


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