2019 Official census results

July 2, 2019 / For immediate release


AIRDRIE, ALBERTA – The City of Airdrie’s population continues to grow, with the official 2019 census result at 70,564, a 3.63 per cent growth rate, compared to 4.88 per cent last year.

The City’s population grew by 2,473 or 6.8 new residents per day, versus 3,169 or 8.7 new residents per day the previous year.

“Our incredible population growth has been a bit of a defining factor in recent years. Smaller, more consistent population increases, like the one we experienced this year, certainly make growth a little easier to manage,” said Mayor Peter Brown. “I’m thankful we’ve been able to remain a tight-knit, welcoming community and maintain our small town feel as we’ve grown to 70,000.”

Between April 2018 and to the end of March 2019, 951 new homes were added in Airdrie, an increase of 3.76 per cent for a total of 26,210 dwellings. This includes single family and multi-family residential options with the communities of Hillcrest, King’s Heights and Baysprings experiencing the greatest dwelling growth.

In 2019, a significant number of Airdrie residents continued to provide their census information online. The rate of online completion remained consistent at 73.22 per cent.

“We’re happy that our residents are finding the online census tool quick and easy to use each year. In less than two minutes they can complete it and provide the City access to valuable grant dollars,” says Kari Kitiuk, Team Leader Legislative Services. “Accurate census numbers maximizes our grant dollar applications and generates increased revenue for our taxpayers.”

Airdrie’s growing population*

45,711 49,560 54,891 58,690 61,842 64,922 68,091 70,564


*The City of Airdrie conducts a census annually. Detailed census results from 2009-2019 will be available at www.airdrie.ca/censusresults.


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