July 16, 2019/ Fuel Spill/ AFD Response Details

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA – On Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 11:31 a.m. the Airdrie Fire Department (AFD) responded to the report of fuel spill located in the 100 Block of Main Street S.

When fire crews arrived they a found a commercial parking lot, west of Main Street, wet from recent rain and covered with an oily sheen. Firefighters initially deployed absorbent pads and booms to contain the spill before it could make its way to an adjacent natural waterway.

Water Services staff monitored the underground storm water system to determine how much of their infrastructure had been affected. Plugs were installed in the storm sewer pipes to protect against further contamination if heavier rains were to occur prior to final cleanup being completed.

A Rapid Response HazMat team was on scene to assist AFD with removal and disposal of all contaminated materials. The cause of the spill remains under investigation. There were no injuries to report. Initially four pieces of apparatus and thirteen firefighters were on scene.


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