Learn how to save money and reduce food waste during Waste Reduction Week

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA – As part of national Waste Reduction Week, held Oct. 21 – 27, the City of Airdrie is educating residents about how to reduce their food waste.

“The average Canadian household wastes about $1,766 worth of food annually,” says Mara Pratt, Education Coordinator, Waste and Recycling Services. “With over 26,210 homes in Airdrie, that’s over $46 million of food wasted in our city alone! Sometimes it’s tough to know how much food you’ll need but with a few easy tips and a thoughtful approach to grocery shopping, residents can save money and reduce food waste.”

The following tips can help residents reduce food waste:
• Organize your fridge
o Have most perishable foods in one area and use this section first when making meals
o Learn how to store different types of food so they last longer, for example, keep vegetables in a crisper with the vents closed and fruits in a crisper with the vents open
• Make a weekly meal plan before you go shopping and only buy what you need
• Buy less food more often so your fresh food doesn’t go bad before you get to it
• Use food you have in your fridge before shopping
• Donate food to the Airdrie Food Bank before it spoils

This year, Airdrie has worked with other municipalities to raise the profile of Waste Reduction Week. “We’re sharing resources and we’ve encouraged other municipalities to proclaim Waste Reduction Week in their cities and towns,” says Pratt. “Airdrie, along with other municipalities, will be sharing tips throughout the week using the hashtag reducefoodwasteAB.”

Residents can also learn how to make better choices at the store, re-arrange their fridge and get creative with leftovers at education stations set up at the Airdrie Public Library during Waste Reduction Week.

To learn more about reducing food waste and Waste Reduction Week, visit www.airdrie.ca/foodwaste


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