Volunteer of the Year Awards

The Ambassador Award is for a business that has made an outstanding contribution to the community. We encourage you to nominate a peer.

Ambassador Award Criteria
The Ambassador Award is conferred to an Airdrie business entity that has made an outstanding contribution in the City of Airdrie by contributing to Airdrie’s community and opportunity.

An Airdrie business entity must operate within the Airdrie and annexation boundaries to be eligible.

Nominations for this category will be evaluated based on:

How did the business entity, through corporate volunteerism, contribute volunteer hours and resources (such as money, food donations, clothing, etc.) to the community? Up to 40

What impact did the business entity’s contribution, through their volunteer activities, have on the community?

Did the business entity’s contribution:

  • help to build community capacity?
  • encourage more people involvement?
  • make the activity/service sustainable?
Up to 40
Support of nomination: Letters of support received from other people relating how the nominee’s extraordinary commitment and volunteerism contributed toward enhancing the quality of life of Airdrie residents. Up to 20
TOTAL Up to 100 


Nominations for 2018 are now open with a deadline of Jan. 15, 2018. For more information and to nominate a peer, click here.


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