Billing Cycle

The City of Airdrie bills on a 28 day cycle. Residents receive their utility bill every four weeks. This means that you will receive 13 bills in a calendar year and the due date will vary based on when your water meter was read. Fixed rates will be prorated based on the number of days in your billing cycle. 

Note: Water and sewer consumption charges are based on the amount of water that passes through your water meter.

How will this affect you?

  • You will receive a utility bill every 4 weeks
  • Your fixed rates will be based on the 28 day billing cycle
  • You will receive 13 bills per calendar year

When will I be billed and what are the due dates?

  • The city is divided into four quadrants. Each week a different quadrant will be billed based on a rotating schedule. The due date is three weeks after the account is billed.

The quadrants are divided as:

Quad1 - Big Springs, East Lake Industrial Park, Highland Industrial Park, Highview, King's Heights, Lawthorne, Meadowbrook, Ravenswood, Thorburn 

Quad2 - Coopers Crossing, Hillcrest, Kingsview Industrial Park, Morningside, Prairie Springs, Waterstone, Windsong, Yankee Valley Crossing, Sierra Springs, SouthPoint, Summerhill

Quad3 - Canals, Canoe, Bayview, Baysprings, Bayside, Fairways, Williamstown, Willowbrook, Woodside, Reunion, Sagewood

Quad4 - Airdrie Meadows, Edgewater, Edmonton Trail, Gateway, Jensen, Luxstone, Midtown, Old Town, Ridgegate, Silver Creek, Stonegate, Sunridge, The Village

You can view your Billing Dates and Due Dates here. *

Benefits of a 28-day utility billing cycle:

  • More frequent and timely information about water usage
  • Assists with detecting leaks sooner
  • Allows residents to adjust water habits
  • Smaller bills will assist residents with managing finances
  • 72 per cent of residents that responded to the website poll stated that they would prefer a shorter billing cycle

If you have any questions in regards to our billing cycle, please call the Utility Department.


Are customers paying additional fees with an extra bill each year?

A customer would be paying the exact same per year regardless of the number of bills they received. The fixed administration fees are based on the number of days in the billing cycle and consumption is based on the actual meter read for that period. Below is a chart that shows the details of each billing method.

Notice the monthly billing cycle invoices range from a low of $112.72/month to a high of $124.80/month, while the 4 week billing cycle provides a consistent bill based on stable water consumption. It is easy to observe any change in pattern with the current billing method.

This method also provides the City with a steady, consistent cash flow as 25% of the utility revenue is collected every week.


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