Green cart placement

Your green cart should be placed in the same location (front street or back alley) as your garbage is collected from. Always ensure there is one metre of clearance around the cart to allow the automated truck to pick up the cart safely.


  • Ensure the front faces the street/alley (arrows on the cart indicate the front)
  • Place your green cart on the street/alley
  • Ensure there is one metre (3 feet) of clearance around the cart

If you are experiencing challenges with green cart collection or placement, please call Waste & Recycling at 403.948.0246. Staff will assist residents to come up with a solution for successful curbside pick up.

Cul-De-Sac: We are growing and learning about cart placement and collection in cul-de-sacs and learning from other municipalities who are also addressing these challenges.

If you live in a cul-de-sac, on collection day please place your cart one to two meters off the curb of the street. This allows for the truck to have better access for collection.  In some neighbourhoods, neighbours have gotten together and placed all their carts in a row together (ensuring there is one meter in between carts) in front of one agreed on house. Please call Waste & Recycling for further guidance if you continue to have cul-de-sac collection issues.


Green cart care

Carts can be stored in your garage, by your house or in a shed. Keep them in a shaded, cool spot during the warmer months.

Clean the carts the same way you would clean a garbage can - rinse them periodically to wash off any debris. Empty the water from the cart into your lawn or garden (please do not allow rinsing water to wash into the storm water system) and allow it to dry completely.

Green carts are the property of City of Airdrie but the responsibility and care for it lies with the home owner. The green carts remain with the home if you move. If your cart is unintentionally damaged (lid replacement or fix) Waste & Recycling will repair/replace the cart as needed. Please call Waste & Recycling if you have concerns about the condition of your green cart.

Residents new to the organics program express concerns about potential odours and/or pests. However, during our pilot program in Airdrie and through research with other communities that have implemented an organics program, pests and odours are seldom an issue. Weekly pick up of the green cart during the warmer months (May until November) should minimize potential odours/pests and here are a few additional tips to try as well:

  • Sprinkle baking soda in your green cart.
  • Wrap your organics in newspaper or paper towels.
  • Although they are not required, compostable bags help to control odours effectively.
  • Keep your green cart shaded from the sun.
  • Keep the lid on your green cart closed.
  • Rinse out the green cart as needed with plain water or a vinegar and water mixture.
  • Try layering your organics with wet/dry layers. To do this, place a layer of newspaper, leaves, or other dry compostable material then alternate layers with wet kitchen waste or grass clippings.
  • Place newspaper or cardboard at the bottom of your cart to help absorb liquid.
  • Set out your cart on collection day, even if it's not full.

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