Tree Disease

Most Airdrie residents understand the important benefits trees provide to people and our community. However, basic knowledge of tree care is less widely known. The following information will help you understand some basic tree care with regards to tree diseases commonly found in Airdrie as well as your responsibility in helping care for our trees.

It is your responsibility to care for trees on your private property as per the Parks Bylaw (No. B-13/2009). This includes prevention, maintenance and treatment with regards to pests or diseases considered to be contagious that could affect the health of any City Tree. Should you become aware of a contagious pest or disease, it is your responsibility to treat, remove, and/or dispose of it in accordance with the direction of the City of Airdrie.

Diseases can be prevented by planting trees that are adapted to the site you plant on (i.e. Willows prefer wet sites etc.). Avoid susceptible species, plant the tree correctly, follow proper maintenance practices and avoid mechanical injury.

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 Below is a list of common tree disease found in Airdrie:


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