Tree Donation

If you are interested in donating or transplanting a tree onto City land, contact the City of Airdrie Parks department. The Arborist will require a completed Application for Tree Donation. This form must be signed by both the Donor and the City Arborist before planting or excavating begins. The application includes a diagram which will outline all details of planting intentions.

All planting locations are to meet current recognized industry standards in relation to setbacks from above or below ground facilities including:

The following guidelines must be met prior to the agreement being signed:

  1. Plant material must be nursery grade, healthy, disease/pest free and planted in   accordance with current ISA standards.
  2. The species must be prairie hardy to Zone 3 and be agreed upon by the Donor and the City Arborist
  3. The tree must be given its own clearance from existing trees, structures, fences and paths. Most shade trees require 100 square meters when spaced in accordance with their mature size
  4. All trees require a minimum distance of two meters from any fence or existing structure to provide room for mowers
  5. Only native species will be planted in designated Environmental Reserve Land.
  6. No plaques, signs or other decorative items are to be placed on City property or trees.
  7. If mechanical equipment is required for planting or excavating, the Application for Access to Public Land form must be filled out and signed prior to initiating work.
  8. The Parks Department will carry out pre and post inspections of the area; any damage done to the area where work is taking place must be rehabilitated by the Donor.
  9. Transportation of plant material or related material to and or from the area is the Donor's responsibility. 
  10. The Donor will be responsible for watering that tree for the first growing season provided that the area is within reach of their garden hose. Otherwise, the City of Airdrie Parks department will look after watering the tree.
  11. The City Arborist will install a Tree Gator (watering bag) for the newly donated tree; the Donor will be required to fill this tree gator 2 times per week.

Mandatory minimum pot sizes are:

  • Deciduous Trees - #5 pot
  • Coniferous Trees – #5 pot
  • Shrubs - #1 pot

Note: The City reserves the right to remove any plant material planted upon City titles property that has been installed without approval or is creating an unsafe recreational environment, is deemed unhealthy, hazardous or structurally unsafe.


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