ECO Youth Award 2017

Encouraging youth in environmental and conservation matters

The ECO Youth Awards provide youth recognition for their efforts on a wide range of environmental stewardship initiatives as well as to help youth implement or enhance projects and programs with an environmental focus. Youth may use a current project or propose a new environmental project or activity to enter the award competition.

The project may cover any environmental topic and may include but is not limited to: climate change, water, air, waste and recycling, soil, transportation, food, energy, etc.


Project proposals should include:

  • A detailed explanation of the project and timeline for carrying out the project
  • How the project will positively impact students’ academic experience, school, or community
  • Explanation of student roles and learning outcomes
  • Summary of the budget required for the project, overview of how funding will be spent and any additional funding sources

Example projects:

  • Water management: water conservation or reuse, reducing water pollution, protecting Nose Creek / local wetlands, wastewater treatment, etc.
  • Soil protection: identification and remediation of contaminated sites, protection from erosion / pollution, acidification, etc.
  • Natural areas: Maintenance or improvement of green spaces and biodiversity.
  • Energy management: energy planning, building design, renewable energy, insulation, heating efficiency, etc.
  • Air: improving air quality, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enforcement, etc.
  • Waste management: waste collection, reuse, recycling, proper disposal etc.
  • Local food: encouraging production of food in Airdrie and area, increasing resident's access to local food, serving in our restaurants, protecting agricultural land, etc.

Deadline: December 15, 2017

Submission: OR by mail to 21 East Lake Hill, Airdrie, AB T4K2A3


For full award program details, see the Eco Youth Award guide in Documents. Feel free to contact the Education Coordinator to discuss your idea.


Congratulations to the 2016 ECO Youth Award Winners!!

The City of Airdrie would like to congratulate the following groups who won the 2016 Eco Youth Award:

  • Ralph McCall School - Andrew Doyle's grade four class - Connections
  • A.E. Bowers Elementary - Veronica Doyle's Grade four class
  • Ecole Edwards Elementary - Alice Mackay and Cristy Leonard-Glaspey's Grade one & two classes
  • Heloise Lorimer School -  Jill Quirk's WE ECO Crew

These groups did a fantastic job on their projects and we are so excited to showcase their efforts with these follow up reports, presentations, and videos they provided to us to show how they used the funds. The City would also like to thank Fortis Alberta for their generous donation which enabled these students to take on projects they may have otherwise not been able to do.

A.E. Bowers Elementary Video

Ralph McCall Video

Ralph McCall 4D's Sustainability Magazine

Ecole Edwards Elementary Report

Heloise Lorimer WE ECO Crew Presentation


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