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The fire ban system

There are three levels of restrictions: 

Fire Advisory
Generally, this level is meant to inform that there is a high fire danger and that there may be certain types of restrictions on burning. Generally, permit burning within the municipal boundaries of the City of Airdrie are suspended during a fire advisory. Backyard/recreational fire pits are allowed under a fire advisory. 

Fire Restriction
This level acts as a higher level or warning before a fire ban. Certain types of burning will be restricted, while certain types will be allowed. Backyard/recreational fire pits are permitted under a fire restriction. 

Fire Ban
This level is usually put in place when a municipality has taken steps to restrict or prohibit certain types of fire use within that area. Fire bans include a ban on backyard/recreational fire pits.

Fire bans restrict burning in a specified area, for the safety of residents and the community. A number of factors can play a role in determining when a fire ban is declared, including:

  • levels of both recent and total precipitation;
  • what the risk of a fire getting out of control is;
  • relation between temperature and humidity;
  • water restrictions or water bans; and/or


Fines or Penalties

Any person who ignites, fuels, supervises, maintains or permits an outdoor fire within the municipal boundaries of City of Airdrie during a fire ban can be fined. Should the fire get out of control and emergency fire response is required, the person responsible for the fire can be charged the full firefighting costs.


Confused about the Provincial fire bans/advisories vs. the City of Airdrie's fire bans/advisories?

The Provincial fire bans and advisories apply to all Crown Land in Alberta. The City of Airdrie's bans and advisories apply to all lands within the Airdrie city limits. This is because individual municipalities regulate their own fire status.


Further information regarding provincial fire conditions is available at:


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