Fireworks permit

Within the corporate city limits, as per the City of Airdrie Emergency Services Bylaw, a Fireworks Permit is required any time there is a planned open air Fireworks Display other than the following;

• Pyro Fireworks Technician License
• Location, Fire Safety Plan
• Signed & approved by Airdrie Fire Department, Safety Codes Officer
• Proof of Insurance $5 million dollars liability coverage

Anyone wishing to obtain a Fireworks Permit Application

NOTE: In order to apply for Fireworks Permit, the applicant must have a municipal address for the launch site. A lot, bloc and plan address is not acceptable.

• Municipal addressing can be obtained from the City of Airdrie GIS Department and applications should do so PRIOR TO completing a Fireworks Permit application.
• For Fireworks display in development areas where individual municipal addressing has not been assigned, a cross street reference is required, Example – North West corner of Veterans Bv. and 8th street.
• For rural residents a Section, Township, Range Road address of the Fireworks is required. An Emergency Locator number is also preferred where applicable.
• Fire Department Safety Codes Officer requirement to inspect the site and review Fire Safety Plans prior to blasting.

Completed application can be emailed to , faxed to 403-948-9994 or mailed to:

Airdrie Fire Department
400 Main Street SE
Airdrie, AB
T4B 3C3

Upon receipt of the application, the Chief will, as per the City Bylaw and the Alberta Fire Code:
• Grant a Fireworks Permit with or without terms and conditions, as appropriate
• Refuse to grant a Fireworks Permit

The cost of a permit is $35 and will be invoiced to the applicant at the end of each month. Payment can be made at City Hall.

The Fire Works permit is non-transferable.

Fireworks permits issued are valid for only a set period of time, as set out by each specific permit. The Fire Chief may extend in writing the period of time that the permit is valid, provided it has not yet expired.

For more information, refer to the Emergency Services Bylaw

When in doubt, contact the Airdrie Fire Department to see if what you’re planning to blast is allowed per the City Bylaw. Failure to do so could result in a fine of up to $2,500.


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