Multi-family recycling for private recyclers

If you collect recycling from multi-family buildings check out the information below to learn more on the multi-family recycling program. You can also check out the Multi-family Recycling Guide for Private Recyclers for more details.


What is a multi-family property?

A multi-family property includes residential condominiums, apartments, and any residential building with multiple units that does not currently receive city curbside waste collection services.


Who is responsible?

The person(s) responsible for implementing the recycling program in its entirety is the building owner or manager; this includes property managers, and condo board associations. Individual residents are required to utilize the recycling program itself but they are not responsible for implementing the program unless they own their unit and there is no condo board or property manager in place.


When is this happening?

The program began in January 2017, enforcement will follow in January 2018. The grace period was designed to give those affected plenty of time to implement a recycling program and communicate with their residents the requirements of their particular program.


What is required?

Every building owner or manger of a multi-family property must:

1. Implement a recycling program that accepts the minimum of:

  • Mixed paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastics # 1–7 (except Styrofoam)
  • Plastic film (shopping bags, etc.)
  • Refundable beverage containers (excluding glass)
  • Tetra Paks (juice and soup boxes)
  • Metal (tin food cans, aluminium pie plates, etc.)

2. Existing multi-family buildings must submit a waste & recycling strategy to the City of Airdrie by January 1, 2018. New multi-family properties occupied after January 1, 2018 must submit a waste and recycling strategy within 30 days of occupancy.

3. Ensure the waste and recycling generated at the property is collected, stored and disposed of in accordance with the waste & recycling strategy in place for that property.

4. Ensure their residents are educated about recycling services, including types of materials accepted and the location of recycling receptacles. Information must be distributed as the program is implemented and within 30 days of a resident moving in.

5. Provide onsite storage of adequate size and quantity to contain all of the recyclable materials generated on the property.

6. Provide clear and visible signage on or near bins indicating:

  • The container is only for recyclable materials, and
  • The types of accepted recyclable materials

A one-size-fits-all solution won't work for every property. What options are available?

The building owner or manager has the flexibility to:

  • Choose their private recycler
  • Self-haul. Building owners & managers of multi-family properties with 25 or less units will be permitted to haul their recycling to a private recycling facility or the Eastside Recycling Depot
  • Select the location and style of bin(s)
  • Determine whether they would like a source separated program or a commingled program
  • Decide on the appropriate frequency of pick-up
  • There may be the option to have individual unit collection in which case onsite storage and bin signage would not be required however a copy of the hauling contract stating that all units on the property are being serviced will need to be supplied to the City along with the waste & recycling strategy

Where can I take the material?

As in the past the City of Airdrie transfer site and recycling depots will not accept material from private service providers. There are alternative solutions available such as one of the three City of Calgary landfills for waste and private processors for recycling.


How do I list my business on the City of Airdrie Private Recycler and Waste Hauler directory?

The City of Airdrie has developed a private recycler and waste hauler directory. This directory is aimed to make it easy and convenient for building owner & managers to find a private recycler for their recycling program. The contact information for these companies is sourced from City of Airdrie business licenses. In order to operate a private recycling service within Airdrie you must hold a current City of Airdrie business license. Visit the City of Airdrie Economic Development page for more information.


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