Multi-family recycling education & resources

Check out the links below for more information and resources on multi-family recycling in Airdrie.


Looking for a private Recycler for your property?

Take a look at our private recycler and waste hauler directory for a list of companies that collect waste and/or recycling.The businesses listed in this directory are those waste and recycling haulers that hold a current business license in the City of Airdrie and is updated regularly.

Building owners and managers of multi-family properties with 25 or less units can haul their recycling to a private recycling facility or the Recycling Depot.


Information guides

Check out our information guides for more details specific to you.


Building owner & manager toolkit

We have all of the communication materials you need to implement your recycling program. Just click on the link to download a copy.

  • Waste & Recycling Strategy - Fill out and either print and fax  to 403-948-3987 or e-mail to You can also follow this link to submit the form online.
  • Resident Recycling Information Letter Template - Send this out to your residents to let them know the ins & outs of your recycling program.
  • Resident Recycling Survey Template - Feedback is valuable when implementing a recycling program. Use this template to identify potential barriers that may be preventing your program from being effective and to gather insight on the overall success of your program.
  • Resident Recycling Pledge Template - Use this template at a recycling launch event or even just a community info session to encourage residents to utilize your recycling program. When individuals make a commitment, they are more likely to follow through with their promise to ensure that the commitment is maintained (Hui & Molden, 2014)

  • Signage  - Post one of these by your bins to ensure your residents know what goes where. These can be sent to a professional printing company who can make them into decals or you can simply print them yourself.
    • Source Separated - use this one if your recycling program requires your residents to separate each material
    • Comingled - use this one if your recycling program accepts all material in one bin
    • Comingled Decal - place this one on your large main collection bin if it doesn't have any signage. Don't forget to speak with your private recycler first to ensure they don't mind.

Presentations and Outreach

City of Airdrie staff are available to provide educational presentations to your condo board, residents, custodial staff, etc. We are also available to arrange lobby visits where we can speak with your residents about the bylaw and the benefits of recycling in general.


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