Downtown means many things to many people. What does it mean to you?

Between January 30 and March 1, community members came together to share different perspectives on downtown Airdrie through workshops, focus groups, an online survey and via emails. 

The findings from these Downtown Visioning exercises will be presented to City Council on April 18. The Council report and workshop, focus group and survey results as well as a report on the expenses provide all of the details on what we heard. 

Thank you to the amazing community members who shared their perspectives on Airdrie's Downtown. 

Once Council has heard the results from the Downtown visioning exercises, they may decide the current downtown plan is aligned with our future needs and may direct staff to make minor tweaks. Or, they may decide the feedback shows a different direction for our downtown and that a new plan is required. Should a whole new plan be required, further public consultation to ensure we are on the right track with the plan will take place as it is developed.

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Let's connect about what, specifically?

Throughout the workshops, focus groups and surveys, participants discussed: 

  • The geographic boundaries of the downtown.
  • The current state of downtown and vision for its future development. 
  • The expected land uses/services within the downtown (including civic facilities). 
  • The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the downtown



Why connect on downtown?

Airdrie City Council has asked staff to conduct a downtown visioning exercise because:

It's time. The current Airdrie Downtown Plan (Bylaw B-37/2008) was created in 1999 when the population was 18,306. Although there was a minor update to the plan in 2002 and a refresh in 2008, these updates did not include public consultation. With 18 years and another 43,536 residents since the last public consultation on downtown, Airdrie is due for a refreshed visioning of our downtown.

To grow strategically. A robust downtown plan that reflects what the citizens of Airdrie want to see will help fulfil Council’s Strategic Priority for Well-Managed Growth.

Because it's your City. Some residents love the charm of a small town downtown. Some residents want a larger and more urban downtown. And lots of residents fall somewhere in between. What do you want?


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