BCLT birthday party packages

Choose from one of our party theme and enjoy a unique experience in Fine Arts!


If you want to up your birthday party game with a dramatic flair, look no further than Bert Church LIVE Theatre where you provide the cast, the cake and decorations (if you choose) and we provide an amazing venue, a talented crew and an hour of fun filled entertainment. Each of our unique party experiences are carefully scripted to ensure the birthday child leaves saying “this was the best party ever!” Each of our packages include the following:

  • 15 min set up time and 15 min take down time
  • 1 hour of instruction
  • 1 hour to enjoy cake and open presents
  • Up to 10 kids age 7+
  • Food and decorations are the responsibility of the renter
  • Parties cannot be booked more than 60 days in advance
  • Fees do not include GST

For more information or to book one of our birthday Party packages, contact our Rental Coordinator at 403.948.8824 ext. 6434 or via email: beverly.stadelmann@airdrie.ca


Comedy Party

Do you and your friends love to clown around? This laugh-packed party will leave your guests splitting at the seams. Explore your silly side through improv, character creation and non-stop goofy games like “Who’s Line is it Anyway?”

Comedy Party $210 + GST


Fairy Tale Party

Kids love epic adventure, danger, heroes and villains. Even more, they love to direct and star in their own story. This incredible fairy tale extravaganza allows guests to guide plot twists which all lead to a happily ever after.

Fairy Tale Party $210 + GST


Puppetry Party

Puppets, puppets and more puppets. Guests will imagine, construct and use their own puppets in a play of their creation. It’s the ultimate in imagination, and the puppet goes home with your guests so they never forget this fun-filled day.

Puppetry Party $220 + GST


Cartooning Party

Comic strips are so much fun. Channel your love for art and story-telling and tap into your unlimited imagination to create a “funny” that will leave your fellow guests in stitches even after the party is over. Yes, that’s right the cartoons will be compiled and each guest goes home with ALL of the comics.

Cartooning Party $220 + GST


Paint Party

Discover your inner Van Gogh. With the help of our talented instructors, guests will use acrylics to create an 8”x10” canvas painting and learn skills that that will stay with them forever. Guest’s masterpieces will be based on a sample piece of art but will be infused with their own style and creativity.

Paint Party $240 + GST



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