Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are available for sale year round at the Recycle Depot.

Quick facts about our rain barrels:

  • Locally sourced and made with repurposed foodgrade material, making them more environmentally friendly than store bought barrels made with virgin plastic.
  • Blue or white and have a tap and an overflow valve to drain excess water.
  • Closed top and a screen that covers the hole for the downspout.

Airdrie and Rocky View County residents can purchase rain barrels for $55. The cost for non-residents is $65.


By using rain barrels at home, you can help conserve water and save money

An average roof in Airdrie collects approximately 24,000 litres of rain annually-this could fill a rain barrel 96 times!

Capturing storm water at home helps reduce the flow of water back to our rivers, reducing the flow of contaminants while supporting flood mitigation efforts. Using a rain barrel also means that less water needs to be treated, reducing demand on water treatment facilities, which in the end saves Airdrie residents money.


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