Dewatering Permit Requests

The City of Airdrie, in accordance with the Drainage Bylaw No. 03/2014, requires a permit for dewatering clean surface water from a commercial or residential site to the stormwater system. The following conditions must be followed:

  • Dewatering shall not occur during or within 1 hour of a storm event or melt event;
  • Discharge must be limited to a 2 inch diameter hose and terminate within 2 m of the culvert flare end / catch basin;
  • Erosion prevention and sediment removal measures must be in place and kept in good working order; and
  • The flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic must not be impeded and appropriate signage must be installed.

Please fill out the Dewatering Application Form. Once the application is approved, a Dewatering Permit will be issued and emailed back to the applicant.


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