OnDemand Transit

Airdrie OnDemand is a new shared-ride way to connect you to your destination. OnDemand service is available in areas of Airdrie more than a 5 minute walk to the nearest Local Transit stop. Here’s how OnDemand Transit works:

  1. Download the Cowboy Taxi Customer app*
  2. Book your trip via the app
  3. Track the OnDemand vehicle as it arrives at your location via the app
  4. Board and pay upon entering the OnDemand Vehicle
  5. Receive a transfer to your connecting service (Local or ICE)

* Trips can also be booked via phone at 403-948-8888.

Hours of Service

OnDemand services are available Monday to Saturday (excluding statutory holidays). The hours of operations including:

  • Monday to Friday 5:30am to 11:00pm (service after 9pm connects with ICE Route 900 only)
  • Saturday 7am to 11:00pm (service after 9pm connects with ICE Route 900 only)

Transfer Points

The OnDemand service will pick you up from your location (home, school, work) and connect you to a Local or ICE service at one of eight designated transfer points.

  • South Transit Terminal
  • Genesis Place
  • EB Kings Heights Bv at Kingsland Cl
  • WB Gateway Dr at Superstore
  • SB 8 St at Canoe Dr
  • SB Chinook Winds Dr at Chinook Winds Pl
  • SB Main St at Safeway
  • NB Main St at 1 Av

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use OnDemand?

We offer two convenient and easy ways to book your OnDemand Trip.

Cowboy Taxi App

The Cowboy Taxi App is a free app available in the App Store or Google Play that allows you to book the OnDemand service. 

  1. Click the Transit (pink car) option and select "Book Now" or "Book Later". If "Book Later" set the date and time.
  2. Enter the address where you would like to be picked-up. 
  3. Enter the address where you would like to be dropped-off.
  4. Add any notes for the driver such as travelling with a stroller or mobility device.
  5. Select "Promo Code" and enter the following:
  6. "Transit" to pay with cash
    "Transitticket" to pay with a ticket
    "Transitpass" to pay with a monthly pass
    "Transittransfer" to pay with a transfer
  7. Please apply once the Promo Code has been entered
  8. Click "Request Transit". You will be prompted to enter a credit card. Please note your credit card will not be charged if you entered Promo Codes "Transitticket", "Transitpass" or "Transittransfer". 
  9. Your trip will be confirmed after entering your credit card information

Booking Line

Trips can also be booked through the booking line at 403-948-8888. You will be asked to provide your name, pick-up location and telephone number as part of booking the service over the phone.

How do I cancel a trip I requested?

Trips can be cancelled by calling the booking line at 403-948-8888.

How Can I Schedule A Ride Without My Phone Or If The App Is Not Working?

In this case, simply call the booking line at 403-948-8888 and tell the dispatcher you would like to schedule a trip. They will handle it from there.

How Will I Know When My Vehicle Is Going To Arrive?

We will send a text message to the phone number you provided for your account. This message will be sent between 3-5 minutes prior to the vehicle arriving to your pickup location, giving you plenty of time to prepare and be waiting for the vehicle. A text message will also be sent to you when the driver arrives at your location to provide yet another reminder to go to the vehicle.

Can I Watch My Vehicle On A Live Map?

Yes. Once you’ve scheduled a ride, you can view a live map showing your pickup and drop-off locations along with the vehicle itself. This page also displays your estimated pickup time.

I have mobility restrictions. Can I use the OnDemand service?

Absolutely! All users have the ability to enable the "Wheelchair Access Required" option before confirming their trip. Our system will only dispatch wheelchair-enabled vehicles to users who enable the "Wheelchair Access Required" option.

How much does the OnDemand service? Do I need to pay extra?

As part of Airdrie Transit’s family of services, the OnDemand service will operate as a local service and cost the regular local fare. Cash, tickets and monthly passes will all be accepted.

Customers using the OnDemand service to connect to ICE services can simply pay their fare upon using the OnDemand service. Transfers will be provided to customers paying with cash or tickets to connect you to your next service.

Can I ‘hail’ an OnDemand service?

At this time we will only be supporting trips booked via the app or through our booking line. We will consider opportunities to ‘hail’ the service in the future.

I live in a developing neighbouring in Airdrie. Do I have access to the OnDemand service?

Yes! All residents within the OnDemand service area will have access. This includes new communities such as Baysprings, Hillcrest, and South Winds to name a few.


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