New Business Profile: Airdrie Woodworks

High school students, Graham Flaig and Liam Barrell, are the proud owners of Airdrie's newest woodshop, Airdrie Woodworks. These two started this venture in Grade 10 shop class where they decided their wooden products could be sold.

After their class ended they took it on themselves to continue learning and expanding their skills and products. This past summer they appeared in different Farmers Markets and plan to attend the Christmas Markets.

What are your growth plans?
We plan on creating a website in the very near future and having the ability to ship worldwide as well as making connections with retail stores that we can sell our product in. We want to have many paths to sell our items and getting our name out there.

What is the biggest challenge or opportunity you face in your business?
One of the biggest challenges we find as a new business is getting our company name and products spread throughout the community. Thus we are trying to do all we can to spread the word of Airdrie Woodworks by handing out many business cards, keeping active on social media, and taking on as many new opportunities as we can.
Another challenge is our certain niche is unlike anything like food products or beauty products where people often to come back for the same thing again and again. Our wooden products are made to last so we do sometimes get return customers that come to purchase items for gifts but that is about the extent of it. People do not replace their cutting boards or coasters every couple weeks. That is why we are working to open a website where it is not restricted to a certain area and we can expand and open our company across North America.

What is your favourite thing about owning a business?
One of our favourite things is being able to talk about our products and make connections with customers. We love to talk with customers and give them a quality product that they can trust.

Another part we like is the freedom that we have with owning our own business. We are in control and we are the ones making the moves of where the company is going to go. We do not have anyone controlling us or telling us what to do. Sometimes it's challenging with all the work we have to put in to have that freedom, but it is definitely worth it for us.

What makes your business unique?
We are unique because not many youths are out there creating their own business and making products with their hands. We take pride in the quality of our products and work as hard as we can to satisfy our customers needs.

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