New Airdrie Business: Social Supper

Social Supper was opened on December 16, 2016 at 209, 2914 Kingsview Blvd SE by proud and passionate owner, Kaidy Morgan. Kaidy says that her and her team at Social Supper, “help busy people create better food in their own homes, in less time. We do all the meal planning ,shopping, prep and clean up so our guests can enjoy more meaningful time with their families. We offer a fun and efficient way to put together a week’s worth of meals in under one hour!”

Kaidy made the decision to open her business in Airdrie to fulfill the mantra of “be the change you want to see in the world.” More specifically, she says, she wanted to be the change she wanted to see in Airdrie. “We love our community and want to help families reconnect with food. Food preparation, using scratch ingredients, creating healthy recipes, and most importantly, creating a space to connect or reconnect with friends and family,” is very important to Kaidy.

Currently, Social Supper is home to one full time employee and three part-time contractors. Together, her and her team are working to build a local client base, understanding their wants and needs, and delivering on that. She hopes in the long term to expand to other communities with high commuter bases surrounding Calgary. Further down the road, she says she would love to expand to the West Coast.

Kaidy’s aspirations for growth are reflected in words and actions. When she speaks about Social Supper, she is confident and humble, and excited to truly take risks and follow her heart and mind as it relates to making business decisions.

Prior to opening Social Supper, Kaidy was the owner-operator of an online meal planning subscription service called Mama Bird Meal Planning, and was also formerly self-employed in real estate assisting and project implementation. It is clear that Kaidy was meant to be an entrepreneur.

When asked what her biggest challenge currently is, she said exposure is key. She stated that it is paramount to her success that she gets the Social Supper name out there, in order to get people excited about her unique service. What is a challenge, is also her biggest opportunity. She is “embracing the opportunity with open arms by starting to work with experts in the field of media and advertising.”

To find out more about Social Supper, visit, or check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.