2016 Year in Review

For the past ten years, Airdrie has had a reputation for growing at an accelerated rate, in residential, business and construction growth. On average over the last decade, Airdrie’s population has grown at a rate of 8%, nearly doubling our population in that decade. We are home to 650 more businesses than we were just five years ago, and have seen the construction of a number of major public and private developments in that same time frame.

Airdrie truly has seen tremendous change in a short period of time. Reflecting on 2016, however, we have seen a slight shift towards slower growth, clearly a result of the Alberta downturn. Our population increased to 61,842 people, growing at a slowed rate of 5.37%. We saw 463 new home-based, 96 commercial and industrial businesses open up shop, and an addition of 512 new full and part-time jobs added in 2016.

In total, 312 commercial and industrial permits were issued in 2016, an increase of 65 permits from 2015. However, the total value of those permits was down from $71 million in 2015 to $55 million in 2016. The local economy benefited from new commercial developments as well as the construction of two new schools. Some of the projects in 2016 included:

Cooper’s Town Promenade including Save on Foods, Shoppers Drug Mart, Shell Gas, and 4 strip malls; estimated project value of $25 million K-7 school, Windsong Heights; estimated value of $13.3 million K-4 school, Herons Crossing addition; estimated value of $12.4 million Field of Dreams RV, King’s Heights; estimated value of $3.4 million Strip mall addition, Sierra Springs; estimated value of $2.6 million Magic Mountain Daycare, Sierra Springs; estimated value of $2.2 million Strip mall, Midtown; estimated value of $1.9 millionCo-op Liquor Store, Sierra Springs; estimated value of $1 million

We also added or enhanced a number of community facilities this year, including Nose Creek Park, the opening of a new Fire Hall in Williamstown, and two new schools, one in Cooper’s Crossing and another in King’s Heights.

Overall, our community continues to trend towards growth, but the slowed growth certainly points to a downturn. A number of our businesses felt the effect of the downturn in 2016, but it looks like the business climate is slowing turning around.

What did not change with the downturn is the generosity of the business community in Airdrie. We recognized 165 businesses in 2016 who gave back to their community through our “Airdrie Accolades” section of our e-newsletter. This is what sets the Airdrie business community apart, and what has assisted in keeping the community strong through a difficult economy.

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