New Airdrie Business: Grounded Wellness

Business owner, Koreena McFadden, opened the doors to Grounded Wellness in March 2017. Grounded Wellness was born out of Koreena’s passion for massage therapy, cupping therapy, and facial cupping. Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine where suction is localized on the skin. It mobilizes blood flow in order to promote healing, reduce pain and inflammation, help with blood flow, enhance well-being, and assist in recovery.

Koreena has been training at Airdrie Martial Arts Centre for over two years and her kids have been with Lil Dragons for over six years, and when those businesses relocated for 107-28 Gateway Drive, the owners asked Koreena to set up shop in their new facility. She says, “I have made great relationships with the people that come through [their facility],” and when the owners, Vanessa Bellagarde and Luis Cofre offered her the space, “there was no hesitation for me to bring my business there. I love it.”

Being a new business, Koreena is not sure what her growth plans might be into the future, but she explains that she is really loving being a business owner. “I am just enjoying hearing about and seeing the results my treatments have done for people. I’m lucky my business is what I’m passionate about,” she exclaims.

When we asked her what the biggest challenge she has faced as a business owner, she said “finding enough hours in the day to help all the people that I want to help and balancing being a mom!”

You can find out more about Grounded Wellness by visiting