New Airdrie Business: Ascension Float Centre

2016 SMARTstart Program alumnus, Harley Harper and Rian Levick recently opened up their business, Ascension Float Centre. Ascension is the first and only floatation therapy business in Airdrie. Floatation therapy is a unique hydrotherapy that simulates zero gravity. Anyone looking to relax, recover from pain or injury, release tense muscles, meditate, or experience sensory deprivation would be suited to “float.” When asked what to expect when “floating,” Rian said, “floating truly offers something for everyone. It is a very personal and unique experience, unlike any other on earth.”

They decided to set up shop in Airdrie due to the reputation that Airdrie has as having a strong business community, as well as the experiences that they had in the SMARTstart program. Rian explains, “our decision to open in Airdrie was an easy one. Also, having the chance to be the first to introduce floating to the city of Airdrie was an incredible opportunity that we couldn’t pass up.”

Ascension is currently an owner operated facility, with both Harley and Rian being able to live their passion in running the operation. Rian said that his favourite thing about owning a business is “getting to talk to people about their experiences, post-float, and seeing the positive effects floating can have on their lives.” Harley echoed that sentiment, and said “I enjoy witnessing the change in people from their pre-float state, to their post-float state. People are often speechless, or they can’t stop talking about their float experience. I feel great satisfaction in both situations.”

As far as growth plans for the ambitious duo go, they would like to contribute to float education and continue to spread awareness about floating. They want to build a network of Float Ambassadors and also hope to collaborate with other businesses. They are very interested in connecting with local contact sports groups to introduce floating as a concussion treatment method. Finally, they hope to expand the types of services they offer by bringing on additional modalities, therapists, and practitioners over time.

Owning a business and being passionate is not without its challenges. The duo says their biggest challenge is in spreading awareness and expanding education on floating. Rian explained that “floating is still relatively unknown to the average person, but because floating is such a unique and overwhelmingly positive experience, people love to talk about their floats, so we try to take advantage of the positive word of mouth.”

To learn more about Ascension Float Centre, you can visit their website, or visit their social media pages: and