Doing Business with Government 101

Airdrie Economic Development teamed up with the City of Airdrie’s Procurement Department to provide information to the business community on how to do business with government. The session included information on procurement regulations, implied duties, thresholds, myths, responding to competitions, and upcoming changes and consideration for change with the current policies and procedures that govern the City of Airdrie’s procurement practices.

Some highlights included:

City of Airdrie threshold requirements

  • Up to $5,000 – No competition required
  • $5,000 – $25,000 – Two quotes required
  • $25,000 – $75,000 – Three quotes required
  • $75,000 and over – Fully open competition required

Responding to Competitions

Jelena Maric, Team Leader for Procurement states that is important to read carefully for the full understanding of:

  • Deliverables (specifications, scope of work, performance level expectations, milestones)
  • Material disclosures
  • Submission requirements
  • Mandatory requirements
  • Rate requirements/evaluation criteria
  • Pricing schedule
  • Requirements at the execution of the contract

Upcoming Changes (CFTA and CETA)

  1. Anti-avoidance rules – provides more clarity to existing anti-avoidance restrictions
  2. Procurement value – now to include any extension options
  3. Tender notices/single point of access – new single posting website; no cost to vendors
  4. Prequalification frameworks – now requires an annual reposting where supplied prequalification lists will be used for more than three years
  5. Restrictive specifications – branding versus performance based criteria; bias specifications
  6. Disclosure of requirements and criteria – full disclosure required; criteria and evaluation matrix fully defined
  7. Tender requirements – time sensitive; no post-closing amendments
  8. New provisions – for limited tendering where a procurement was the subject of collusion

To learn more about doing business with government, please contact the City of Airdrie Procurement Department.