New Airdrie Business: Urban Athletics Academy

In May, Urban Athletics opened their doors on Gateway Drive. Owners, Tana Hooper & Tara Grant, are excited to offer athletic development for kids ages 4 and up. Programs include parkour/free running, warrior obstacle courses, cheerleading, rhythmic gymnastics, hip hop dance and acro/tumbling.

Tana and Tara both grew up in Airdrie and wanted to offer something that is appealing to everyone. Competitive in nature or not, they are about motivating movement. They believe it is essential to learn to invest in exercise, and how to manage adrenaline. They want to give kids an opportunity to do just that.

What are your growth plans?
Our hope is that in two years our programs are full and we are at a place where we open a second facility or expand.

What is the biggest challenge or opportunity you face in your business?
The biggest opportunity is reaching those kids falling through the cracks. There is a massive divide between competitive and recreation sport. Competitive is to win and recreation is for fun, we provide the medium between that. It is training with some intention or purpose. We see a need for kids to learn to push themselves as individuals yet they need to be part of a group. Creating an opportunity for kids to progress at their own pace, push as hard as today permits them to is a valuable life skill. Bringing awareness to the difference between activity and exercise is also a priority for us.

What is your favourite thing about owning a business?
Quality Control. We get to control the quality of our programs and the environment which we provide for our athletes.

Have you owned other businesses?
We have been involved in the fitness/bodybuilding industry for the past 20 years, and currently run a training, competition prep and stage wear company.

Get connected with the Urban Athletics Academy
Instagram: @urbanathleticsacademy
Twitter: @urbanathleticsa