New Business Profile: Willow 'n Wool

Willow 'n Wool is a family run business that opened their doors in late 2017. This specialty store is a creative crafters dream! They sell specialty yarn, needles, hooks, accessories for knitting and crocheting, pottery, as well as classes to learn how to knit, crochet or make pottery.

Micaela Heidebrecht, Lorianne Pauls and Barb Heidebrecht are the proud owners and really felt that Airdrie was in need of a local yarn store. They hope to create an atmosphere that can bring together the knitting/crocheting community in their store.

Quick Q&A with Willow 'n Wool

What are your growth plans?
We plan to expand our range classes in knitting and crocheting. As we learn more about the knitting/crocheting/fibre art community in Airdrie we will bring in more yarn to meet their needs.

Do you own other businesses?
As a family, we have a farm east of Crossfield where we raise quarter horses and sheep. We are in the process of having the fleece from our sheep processed at Custom Woolen Mills and are excited to see what it will be like!

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Instagram: @willownwool