New Business Profile: Mathnasium of Airdrie

Owners Peter and Yetunde Adegoju want to change the face of learning math in Airdrie. Their passion is to see every child grow and fulfil their full potential. They believe education is the first step for the prosperity of a nation, family and individual.

Peter and Yetunde migrated to Airdrie in 2008 and have fallen in love with the community. Yetunde has over 15 years teaching experience in mathematics and science. Her passion for teaching, coaching, mentoring and helping children led the couple to make the investment in Mathnasium that will contribute to the future development of children and youth in the Airdrie community.

Quick Q&A with Mathnasium

What product/service do you offer?
Mathnasium of Airdrie is a math only learning centre that is part of more than 800 centres across North America. At Mathnasium, we help children learn math in a way that makes sense using the Mathnasium method.

Our trained instructors help children to understand and master mathematic concepts and skills expected at their grade levels. Children learn by attaching meaning to what they do. At Mathnasium, we use a variety of tools – desk tools, manipulative, games, reference materials, etc. to help math make sense.

What are your growth plans?
We continue to grow with the goal of meeting the needs of every child in the community.

What is the biggest challenge or opportunity you face in your business?
Getting the word out! Letting every parent in the Airdrie community know the benefits and importance of enrolling their children in our Mathnasium program.

What is one fun fact about Mathnasium?
We are currently partnering with the Airdrie Library to sponsor a teen educational program. Also, we have donated a Mathnasium Math Dictionary to the Airdrie Library and all the schools in Airdrie. Our goal is to partner with parents and schools to help the children achieve success in math.

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